Hunter & Isabelle [Destination Wedding Photographer]

I can't tell you how excited I was to shoot this wedding -- Road-tripping to Coloma, Michigan with a couple really good friends AND a very special wedding day!! Izzy and I were able to attend college together in Iowa and now she is one of my closest friends! Izzy will never be afraid to tell you what you need to hear. She genuinely cares for her friends and loves the Lord with all her heart. A true gem -- Hunter is one lucky guy! 

I met Hunter as he came to visit Izzy at school one weekend. They had recently been engaged, and of course with a photographer as a friend, I really wanted to take a few shots! But poor Hunter had a twisted ankle. As we stopped, Einstein here (ME!) stopped with his side of the car next to a steep ditch. No surprise what happened next as he re-injured his ankle! Surprisingly, we are still friends.. and had a good time anyway. :D 

I hope you enjoy a small part of their special day! 

These shots are why I LOVE doing a first look. Such special moments before the ceremony.

Instead of unity sand or candles, Hunter & Izzy decided to do something different -- a 'fight box'. On their wedding day, they nailed shut this box filled with letters to each other, a small Bible, and a few other things. They will open the box after their first fight and read the letters and the highlighted Bible verses.


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