David & Sara [Maternity Session, Wyoming Photographer]

You guys, I've gotten so far behind on blog posts! I apologize these are alllll out of order also. Just know I really love and appreciate ALL my clients so very much! And your post is coming if it's not up already :D 

Lets just start off by saying-- I. Am. SOO. EXCITED to meet this little one!! Being an aunt is the greatest thing in the world! I already have the cutest nieces and nephew, I'm not sure how it can get any better... but each one that joins the family is so special and unique.... and I get to love up on these little crazies! <3 These two moved to Arizona and have been acclimated to the climate-- so needless to say it was a pretty big shock for them when Thanksgiving week in Riverton, Wyoming was around 10 degree evenings with snow! But it made a gorgeous backdrop for pictures, and they were great sports. I grabbed a few shots to share with you all, so sit back with your cup of hot cocoa and enjoy! Much love to you all.

and of course a getting ready shot :)

This lighting was absolutely beautiful! (Seriously, make sure you go all the way through this post -- my favorites are in the middle and end ;)

 The Arizonans are freezing!! ;)


 These are some of my favorite shots of the evening!!!

 Hehe, he was trying to gross me out the whole time! and it didn't work :)

This mama is so gorgeous. 

AGH she is such a pretty lady!

From beautiful Wyoming. Much love!
Virginia Ruth

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